East Mount Zion Baptist Church

Rev. Brian Anthony Cash, M. Div., Sr. Pastor

East Mt. Zion Baptist Church

My assigned call to the East Mount Zion Baptist Church is a call of Divine Providence. 2019 was a critical year of transition when I stepped out in faith, seeking God’s voice, His wisdom, and His direction, for my future in ministry. I discerned that God was leading me “back home”. I was to return to Cleveland, Ohio to serve God’s people and to engage as a leader for change in the community that captivates my heart. Once I understood the Father’s next move for me, I acted in conformity with my understanding of His Will and He has surely blessed me.

Faith Journey With God

I am immensely humbled to have been called by God and this church leadership to serve as the Senior Pastor of East Mount Zion Baptist Church. And, I do not take this appointment for granted. As I engage in this faith journey with God and the congregation of East Mount Zion Baptist Church, and as we continually pray and listen for God’s voice, I am filled with both the burden and the joy associated with this pastoral assignment.
I have been called during a time when more schools with predominately African-American student populations are being closed in Cleveland resulting in the continued decline of educational progress among inner-city black students and severe overcrowding in the classrooms of the remaining urban schools.
I recognize that my call to the East Mount Zion Baptist Church occurs simultaneously during a time where crime in the streets continues to transform our once vibrant neighbourhoods into crime zones and where parents live with the constant fear that their children will not return home safely.
Too many young people and mature adults have added “non” as the preferred prefix to any identification as a “Christian.” this degradation of our identity in Christ is acknowledgement of their disdain for ‘the church” as a holy institution. It is also evidence of their abrupt resignation from any denominational or church-based affiliation to pursue refuge or safety in everything or any place other than the Church of Jesus Christ.
As we begin the spiritual journey of pastor and congregation of East Mount Zion Baptist Church, the three examples above are just the beginning of the list of situations where we must infuse Jesus Christ into our culture. We must begin this journey acknowledging the ambiguity surrounding the future and validity of the Church of Jesus Christ to our culture. And, we must acknowledge that TODAY this ambiguity speaks volumes louder that the desire of our community and our world to hear the Name of Jesus and acknowledge His Presence and Relevance today.
In spite of these disparaging realities, as a believer in Christ and pastor of this Church, I am filled with a greater joy and hope to overcome these and other spiritual and cultural challenges because of my faith, our faith in Jesus Christ. As I embrace my call to lead East Mount Zion Baptist Church and to pastor its members into the future, I am hemmed in with the favour, mercy, and wisdom of God and the models of obedience, faithfulness, and perseverance of our forebearers. Our cloud of spiritual witnesses includes Pastor William Downs, Pastor A. Charles Bowie, and many unnamed heroes and heroine who tilled the ground for us to stand. We will look toward Christ, our strength made perfect, the author and finisher of our faith, for clear vision and direction. Christ, through the Holy Spirit, will endow me and our congregation with the wisdom and understanding to face any challenge that will arise against us the East Mount Zion Baptist Church in the years to come as we pursue Jesus Christ and seek to reconcile our community and our world to the LORD God Almighty.
Servant of God,
Reverend Brian Cash, M. DIV
Pastor Elect
East Mount Zion Baptist Church